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"Boatbuilding has been a tradition in the Chambers family for over 120 years. From the early day shipyards in Scotland to the local boat yards of the 1950's, ships have been a major part of our lives."

"Scarcity of building materials and a declining demand for wooden ships are bringing to an end the ancient art of wooden boatbuilding."

"The plans that I have accumulated are all that remain of many of these vessels. I hope that this form of art may help preserve this nation's rich maritime heritage."
Scott Chambers
- Scott D. Chambers                              

Scott D. Chambers shaping half hull of J-sloop "Yankee"

James G. Chambers, Jr. (second from right) and James G.B. Chambers, Sr. (far right) in front of Limit Seiner "Melody" built by Chambers Boat Company in 1944